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Guiding you to effective SMSF strategies to grow your wealth

Port Macquarie's SMSF Specialist Accountants and Advisors

At Maven Advisors, we take a unique approach by engaging the wealth conversation. 
We discuss all aspects surrounding your superannuation and help you to understand, take action and get planning for your future wealth.

Welcome to The Maven Approach

Understanding the potential of your future wealth starts with Maven Advisors. As traditional accountant’s tax is a significant part of what we do, and we also appreciate tax is only a part of the overall financial picture. 

By asking the right questions, we’ll learn about your complete financial story, explain options that are available and offer valuable advice about superannuation, taxation and retirement.

Maven Advisors specialise in SMSF and will help you develop tax strategies within your super putting you back in control of your future wealth creation.

We’ll empower you with knowledge and advice giving you the advantage to optimise your SMSF as part of your retirement plan. This information will be at your fingertips anytime through our Trustee Education Portal.

We think outside the square, and we understand that no two families are the same, working with you with your best interests at heart. As we are not tied to any financial institutions, our specialised training and accreditation help us to provide financial direction without being swayed towards a particular product or service.

Welcome to The Maven Approach

5 Fatal Mistakes When Choosing an SMSF Accountant

1.    I have all my accounts and taxes for the SMSF,  business and investments by the one accountant – its easier and they can do it all.

Superannuation is completely different to your business structures and strategies,  even investing in property within a SMSF is different to that outside a SMSF. There are a raft of additional regulations and rules and potential missed strategies within your SMSF. Don’t be fooled in thinking your accountant has it all covered - We are all over SMSF's including the changes and we work with your business accountant to ensure you don’t miss out and optimise the benefits of having an SMSF. 

2I rely on my accountant about SMSF advice, if they says its ok, I’ll be fine.
An innocent mistake or innocent breach from advice from an advisor, regardless of who it is, is no excuse, you’re the trustee so the buck stops with you. Don’t risk getting advice from someone who isn’t a specialist, there is no reduction in fines, or a get out of jail pass based on advice you received. Get the right advice the first time from us. 
3. Our SMSF is straight forward and simple we don’t need a specialist. 
SMSF’s involve not only your retirement, they involve your estate planning in case you don’t spend it before you die, who is going to get this. Its treated separately to your will. No SMSF is the same, everyone’s SMSF and the members within it are very different with different family structures, investment risks and goals. We’ve seen them all and I personally see each SMSF as my own, always keeping in mind your family dynamics and wishes.
4.  I’ve been told I can’t do much just pay my taxes and be thankful. 
100% we should be thankful, however, why should you be worse off simply because you didn’t get the right advice. We’ve seen the same couple earn the same taxable income yet, be worse off cash in the hand simply because they didn’t get the right advice before retiring. 
5. My SMSF Acountant charges less than the others to lodge the SMSF Accounts. 
You can’t risk a couple of hundred dollars for the sake of having an appropriately qualified adviser at your fingertips knowing their stuff and being able to give you advice you can count on. Its not just about lodging tax returns, you need advice all year before you get to 30th June.  Effective Strategies are put in place during the year not after 30th June.

        5 Fatal Mistakes When Choosing an SMSF Accountant</b>
SMSF Specialist

SMSF Specialist

Self Managed Superfunds are about taking control of your future wealth.  We give you back the power to manage your future retirement. No one cares more about your retirement than you.

SMSF Trustee Education Portal

SMSF Trustee Education Portal

We are dedicated to educating trustees and provide up to date valuable resources and educational tools at your fingertips with our Trustee Educational Portal 

Taxation Services

Taxation Services

Rental property investors and small businesses like the personalised attention we provide and trust us to help them understand, plan and minimize their tax.

As qualified accountants and licenced SMSF specialists, we service a range of clients but tend to focus mainly on property investors and SMSF clients.

Property Investors

Property Investors

Higher rents and lower interest rates mean tax refunds have diminished over the years. You need an astute accountant to help maximise your deductions and increase income potential. 

At Maven Advisors, we clear the confusion and provide you with knowledge and advice when investing in property on your income tax and capital gains tax obligations. 

Negative gearing and the great Australian dream of owning an investment property is still an attractive way to help increase your wealth.

Take the steps to where you want to be

Take the steps to where you want to be

Let us show you the how  by providing structures, guidance and strategies in which you can do this.

Change is inevitable and yet we see change as a challenge.   This is where we shine by looking for the opportunities within these changes for all our clients.

We pride ourselves on providing prompt and sound advice and services that you can rely on when you need it. 

We’re in your corner and we’re about helping our clients make integrated decisions with tax planning.

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) are a great investment vehicle in which to accumulate wealth for your retirement. 

 It’s not about retiring from work, it’s about putting in place tax-effective strategies to increase your accumulated wealth for the future. 

More and more people are taking control of their retirement and choosing the self-funded route. They like the flexibility, control and tax-effective strategies offered through SMSFs.


We believe that wonderful words from our happy clients who love us are our best way of convincing you that you will love us too...

Louise & James

"We settled on our first investment property yesterday! We are very excited and just want to say a big thank-you to Tania Magon from Maven Advisors for your professionalism and for all that you did. You made the process an easy and enjoyable one and I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who is looking at starting an SMSF."

More Testimonials

Anthony Nardella

"You are worth your weight in gold!.We searched high and low, for many years trying to find a good accountant. You’re great! I find it amazing how diligently and promptly you follow up any queries and concerns we may have. Although you must be flat out, you have a caring knack of making us feel like we are your only clients. We really appreciate your knowledge and professionalism. These attributes seem harder and harder to find these days. Please keep up the “great” work. We look forward to many years as your clients."

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