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Our specialised services delivers a strategically well-rounded and focused approach. We see change as a challenge and as SMSF Specialists this is where we shine.

SMSF Specialist

As SMSF specialists we are authorised within the financial services framework to provide you personalised advice surrounding your SMSF. 

If you have an SMSF or are considering the options, talk to us before you start. You can do it yourself, but there are strict compliance requirements that you’ll need to follow. Tania has gone through rigorous and independent accreditation providing you with SMSF expertise to understand the rules, regulations and the best strategies to help you reach your financial goals. 

For a strong financial future, your investment and taxation strategy need to work together. At Maven Advisors we are an SMSF financial partner, accountant and compliance specialist all rolled into one.

SMSF Specialist--


Our deep understanding of the Australian tax system in respect to planning gives you the knowledge of tax strategies that will benefit your future. There are ways to minimise tax liability and avoid paying more tax than required, yet many people don’t realise it. 

Clients trust our expertise and seek our advice beyond tax filing. We’re registered tax agents and specialise in taxation, accounting and compliance matters for investors and Self Managed Super Funds. 

At Maven Advisors, we work with you to fully understand your financial situation. We actively seek to provide you with the information needed to make informed decisions regarding your personal wealth.


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