Each month we hold an information evening session where we talk about taking control of your superannuation and managing it yourself using a Self Managed Super Fund. This is available to anyone who either has a Self Managed Super Fund already and want to know more about how they can get the most out of it, or if you're considering using an SMSF and want to know more before making the decision. 

These events provide an opportunity to find out many ways in which you can take an active part in managing your superannuation for retirement. Each event will focus on different areas of an SMSF and will include topics including establishment, running an SMSF including what investments you can hold in your SMSF, paying pensions, death benefits and winding up a fund. It's a wonderful opportunity to find out the facts in a friendly no obligation environment. Its all about educating and getting the right information out to everyone who's interested. 

For more information, go to our Facebook page to see what the latest event is about and register your interest.

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